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Who are we?

Goldie Crew was built from a passion for sneakers, and has its roots in the skate community of Seattle WA. Creator James Ameen Dixon, founded Goldie Crew while working at a shoe store. He noticed that every week people would buy the hottest new shoes, but would skip the shirt, in fear of losing their originality by wearing a generic name-brand t-shirt that the last guy just got off the shelf. James set out to fix that, introducing new and creative designs to match the latest drops!

Goldie Crew prides itself on quality, community, and the perfect blend of exclusivity and accessibility. On a regular basis you can count on us to have something to match your favorite sneaker. On top of that, premium drops occur regularly. These drops have a quantity limit, meaning that just like your favorite shoes, once the quantity is met, the item is vaulted just to make sure your style doesn’t get over saturated! We do out best to fit your needs, so if it’s a color, or design, or your just want to say hi, feel free to contact us. Make sure to subscribe for drop notifications and promotions!

Welcome to the crew!

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